Event of loss

Handout for Travellers

This handout contains important information in case of an event of loss, to assist in making the process carried out by the Swiss Travel Security quick and simple for both sides.

Swiss Travel Security (STS) warranty for STS-member customers

The STS guarantees customers of members a complete refund for all payments and the return-trip for paid bookings according to the terms of STS in the event of a company’s insolvency or bankruptcy (conclusive enumeration):

  • Package tours according to Art. 18 PRG.
  • Predetermined transport for passengers via plane, train, bus, ship or ferry, accommodations and other individual services (such as lodgings, meals, hotels, holiday apartments, rented cars, etc.), which do not fall under the definition of a package tour.

All other services in correlation with travel are not covered by the STS, particularly (non-exhaustive enu-meration):

  • Costs for the cancellation of all bookings
  • Entry to Functions, Exhibitions, Sporting events, etc.
  • Attendance fees for Symposia, further education opportunities, etc
  • Coupons, Credits, etc.
  • Communication and representation costs of the victim, taxi and other expenses not directly incurred for the trip.
  • Any claims arising from breach of contact, satisfaction claims, loss of value, etc. in connection with the booked holiday

The customer is required to make the member-paid trip, provided the entirety of the voyage is carried out by another organizer or with a guarantee of the execution of said voyage to be carried out in another manner. If a customer denies departure of a trip, they forfeit their claim against the STS. This applies in particular to members acting solely as the distributor for the paid travel.

Customers able to provide proof of a member’s insolvency and unable to undertake the paid travel, re-respectively the pre-booked and paid return trip is not guaranteed, are applicable for compensation by the STS if they have not yet been identified by the other side. A customer’s inability to take all reasonable precautions to minimize damage can lead to a reduction or refusal of a refund by the STS.

The STS guaranteed services are restricted to demands made by members for travels booked and paid for during the tenure of the affiliation agreement. Warranty claims made prior to or after termination or suspension of the membership agreement will not be accepted.

Event of loss

The customer is required turn in all travel documents (receipts, tickets, etc.) including the original proof of payment together with the filing claims to the STS. The claim must be made within 60 days after the jour-ney.

Customers compensated by the STS relinquish all third-party claims to the STS. Customers authorised by the STS to conduct their own rights must comply with all terms set by the STS. The services provided by STS are dependant on the cession, respectively compliance to their terms. Refusal or failure to comply can lead to a reduction or a complete denial of a refund.

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